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Presentem, agrupades cronològicament, les activitats del STNB34 (2019-2020).

Els enllaços d'aquesta pàgina apunten a l'índex cronològic d'activitats.

STNB34 (2019-2020)
Tema: Barcelona Fall Workshop on Number Theory II: Main talks
Publicació associada (abstracts)
Ponent Títol Data Hora
Nicolas Billerey Dihedral Galois representations and CM forms 5-des-2019 9:30 a 10:15h
Adela Gherga Implementing Algorithms to Compute Elliptic Curves Over ℚ 5-des-2019 11 a 11:45h
Matija Kazalicki Congruences for sporadic sequences and modular forms for non-congruence subgroups 5-des-2019 12 a 12:45h
George Turcas Diophantine applications of Serre's modularity conjecture 5-des-2019 14:45 a 15:30h
Sander R. Dahmen Formal theorem proving with a view towards Diophantine equations 5-des-2019 16:15 a 17h
Fred Diamond A geometric Serre weight conjecture 6-des-2019 9:30 a 10:15h
Filip Najman Modularity of elliptic curves over totally real cubic fields 6-des-2019 11 a 11:45h
Jeanine van Order Integral presentations of GL(n)∗GL(2) Rankin-Selberg L-functions and applications 6-des-2019 12 a 12:45h
Samuele Anni Isomorphisms of modular Galois representations and graphs 6-des-2019 14:45 a 15:30h
Davide Lombardo Uniform Kummer theory for elliptic curves over ℚ 6-des-2019 16:15 a 17h
Samuel Le Fourn Quadratic Chabauty for nonsplit Cartan modular curves 7-des-2019 9:30 a 10:15h
Eduard Soto Fermat equation with coefficients 7-des-2019 10:45 a 11:30h
Tema: Barcelona Fall Workshop on Number Theory II: Posters
Publicació associada (abstracts)
Ponent Títol Data Hora
Josha Box Quadratic points on modular curves
Tomislav Gužvić Torsion groups of elliptic curves defined over number fields with rational j-invariant
Timo Keller Effective irreducibility of residual Galois representations of abelian surfaces with RM over ℚ computationally
Ivan Krijan Torsion groups of elliptic curves over infinite Abelian extensions of ℚ
Eduard Soto Local obstructions to S-unit equations
Antonela Trbović Torsion subgroups of elliptic curves over cubic number fields
Borna Vukorepa Torsion groups of rational elliptic curves over some cyclotomic fields
Tema: Galois Representations and Diophantine Equations
Publicació associada (abstracts)
Ponent Títol Data Hora
Nicolas Billerey Introduction to the modular method 3-feb-2020 10:30 a 11:30h
Samir Siksek On the Asymptotic Fermat Conjecture 4-feb-2020 10:30 a 11:30h
Alain Kraus Fermat's Last Theorem and Wendt's Resultant 4-feb-2020 12 a 13h
Luis Dieulefait The Darmon program for the Generalized Fermat equation 5-feb-2020 10:30 a 11:30h
Nuno Freitas A multi-Frey approach to Fermat equations of signature (7,7,p) combining Frey varieties of different dimensions 6-feb-2020 10:30 a 11:30h
Imin Chen A modular approach to Fermat equations of signature (p,p,5) using Frey hyperelliptic curves 7-feb-2020 10:30 a 11:30h
Tema: Valoracions
Publicació associada (abstracts)
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Alberto Fernández Ordered abelian groups 3-feb-2020 12 a 13:10h
Enric Nart Small extensions of ordered groups 6-feb-2020 12 a 13:10h
Jordi Guàrdia Equivalence classes of valuations on a polynomial ring 7-feb-2020 12 a 13:10h
Tema: Conferències i comunicacions
Publicació associada (abstracts)
Ponent Títol Data Hora
Lassina Dembélé Abelian varieties with everywhere good reduction over certain real quadratic fields 3-feb-2020 15 a 15:50h
Antonella Perucca Kummer theory for number fields via entanglement groups 3-feb-2020 16 a 16:20h
Pedro Lemos Images of residual Galois representations of elliptic curves without CM 3-feb-2020 16:40 a 17:30h
Filip Najman Torsion of ℚ-curves over quadratic fields 3-feb-2020 17:40 a 18h
Óscar Rivero Exceptional zeros, p-adic L-functions and Euler systems 4-feb-2020 9:30 a 10:20h
Santiago Molina Anticyclotomic p-adic L-functions and Darmon points 4-feb-2020 15 a 15:50h
Xevi Guitart Tate module tensor decompositions and Sato-Tate conjecture for varieties potentially of GL2-type 4-feb-2020 16 a 16:30h
Joan Carles Lario Deligne-Lusztig curves are diophantine stable 4-feb-2020 16:40 a 17:30h
Carlos de Vera p-adic families of d-th Shintani liftings 5-feb-2020 9:30 a 10:20h
Fred Diamond The Serre filtration on mod p Hilbert modular forms of level p 5-feb-2020 12 a 13:10h
Paloma Bengoechea Periods of modular functions and diophantine approximation 5-feb-2020 15 a 15:50h
Samuele Anni Hecke eigenvalue fields and Maeda's conjecture 5-feb-2020 16 a 16:20h
Joey M. van Langen Automating the modular method for Frey ℚ-curves 5-feb-2020 16:40 a 17:30h
Enric Florit Criptografia basada en isogènies 5-feb-2020 17:40 a 18h
Anna Somoza Reduction type of genus-3 curves in special strata of their moduli space 5-feb-2020 18:10 a 18:30h
Alberto Fernández The level of pairs of polynomials 6-feb-2020 9:30 a 10:20h
Pip Goodman Restrictions on endomorphism algebras of Jacobians 6-feb-2020 15 a 15:50h
Emiliano Torti On local constancy phenomena for reductions of 2-dimensional crystalline representations 6-feb-2020 16 a 16:20h
Nirvana Coppola Wild Galois representations of hyperelliptic curves 6-feb-2020 16:40 a 17:30h
Sebastiano Tronto Kummer Theory for Elliptic Curves 6-feb-2020 17:40 a 18h
Pietro Sgobba On the order of the reductions of algebraic numbers 6-feb-2020 18:10 a 18:30h
Iván Blanco-Chacón Potentially diagonalizable representations. A conjecture 7-feb-2020 9:30 a 10:20h